Fault Code Readers

Expert Quality, for the interrogation of engine management systems and the display and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) in petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles. An advanced diagnostic tool covering 48 vehicle manufacturers whilst providing 10 service functions. An easy to use device that wirelessly communicates between a vehicle and the tablet, simply plug in the wireless EOBD II connector into the vehicle and the tablet will take over. Fully updatable via the internet for all the latest vehicle data. Fully EOBD II compliant and features a host of diagnostic attributes including oil resets, EPB, battery management system resets, steering angle sensor resets, ABS brake bleeding resets, diesel particular resets, injector programming, anti-theft matching, TPMS resetting, throttle matching, data record and replay. All data can be printed via a PC and features multilingual support. Supplied with a carry case, ID Vehicle to VCI adaptors, USB power cable, 230V to USB plug and VCI WI-fi 16 pin connector. Software updates for the first 12 months are included. Charges apply for subsequent software updates quote stock no. 94088. For more information please contact our Customer Support helpline on +44 (0) 23 8049 4345
Fault Code Readers
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