Flammable Storage

High quality and reliable storage cabinet intended to provide secure containment, including leak and spill proof safety features which protect the environment, prevent accidental contact with sources of ignition and identify the location of hazardous substances in the workplace in the event of an emergency. Creates a safe and secure storage solution for flammable and hazardous materials when stored according to the material’s own storage guidelines. Hazard: Flammable substancesStandard colour: Golden Yellow (BS08E51)H x W x D (mm): 712 x 355 x 305Aperture size (mm): 562 x 273Weight (kg): 6Steel thickness (mm): 0.9Standard no. of shelves: 1 - please note all shelves are perforatedShelf size (mm): 346 x 256 x 30Number of doors: 1 - reinforced, rebatedLock: 2 way locking chrome handleAccessories included: Adjustable shelf & liquid tight sump trayShelf capacity UDL (kg): 75Hazard label: Red diamond, black border, black flameSump tray capacity (ltrs): 3.25Sump tray size (mm): 250 x 260 x 80Lead time: Approx. one week Compliant with DSEAR 2015 HS (G) 51 1990 Factory Inspectorate Certificate No 1, parts 3 & 4 All orders for this range can be shipped direct to end user location. Some areas of northern mainland Scotland may incur delivery charges please call for details before ordering. Allow a minimum of 2-3 working days for delivery. We are unable to offer any form of overnight service on this range.
Flammable Storage
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Manufacturer Part No: 23314
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Manufacturer Part No: 23317
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Manufacturer Part No: 23320
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Manufacturer Part No: 24916
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