Vacuum Testers

Compatible with all petrol engines. Suitable for fault finding, including air leaks, incorrect valve timing, low turbo boost pressure, engine misfires, low engine compression, advanced/retarded ignition, air/fuel ratio, balancing carburettors and fuel economy. The dual reading pressure gauge 0 - 10psi/0 - 0.7bar is fitted with a heavy duty rubber protector. Supplied in a plastic storage case. 1 x 63mm Diameter gauge1 x 400mm Flexible hose1 x Stepped adaptor1 x Straight adaptor1 x T - piece adaptor
Vacuum Testers
Stock Code: CBL-00429548
Manufacturer Part No: 35881
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£15.25 (exc VAT)
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Stock Code: CBL-00429556
Manufacturer Part No: 35891
£46.32 (inc VAT) per EACH
£38.60 (exc VAT)
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Stock Code: CBL-00429557
Manufacturer Part No: 35892
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