Stealth Vader True Colour Welding Mask / Goggles

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Manufacturer Part No: 3057
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True colour
Shade 3/5 - 9-13
Replaceable batteries CR2450
1/1/1/2 optical clarity

Compact auto-darkening goggles allow users to weld in limited
Lightweight, ergonomic shell and headband design provides
comfortable wearing
Prescription spectacles can be worn
Optional lighting accessory available
Adjustable shade 3/5-9/9-13 for use with Mig, Tig, Stick, Gas Welding and Cutting
Super low power consumption design with automatic energy
Automatically enters sleep mode if no signal is accessed within 30 minutes and returns to standby state immediately the goggles are removed
Unique defog design helps provide constant clear viewing
Replaceable CR2450 battery offers more than 1000 hours continuous working time
Parameters settings can be easily operated without removing
Technical Specifications

CE classification 1/1/1/2
True colour Yes
Lens size 100 x 40 mm panoramic view
Filter dimensions 171.5 x 77.5 mm
Inner protection plate 144.4 x 61.5 x 1 mm / 113.5 x 42.7 x 1mm
Arc sensors 2
Shade range 3/5-9/9-13
Power On/Off
Fully automatic
Use vibration detection and button wake up
Control External push button LCD display
Switching time 0.08 ms
Grind function Yes (with LED indicator)
Low battery indicator Yes
Low amperage Tig rated 5A
Power supply 1 x CR2450 (replaceable)
Battery life time 1000 hours
Operating temperature –10ºC ~ +65ºC
Certification CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS
Cutting function Shade 5#-8#


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